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3 Ways To Help Overcome The Fear Of Success

Can you imagine telling something new and exciting to a significant role model in your life? Is there an idea or event that stimulated you physically and mentally? Beginning a new career, changing your image, losing weight, and joining a sports team are just some of the examples. However, “that’s ridiculous” is what you hear instead of an encouraging comment.

Role Models and Fear of Success
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Negative statements such as the ones mentioned above can create fear of failure and fear of rejection within a person. The individual on the receiving end can feel helpless because of this situation. Barriers toward individual accomplishment is created because of negative attitudes. The implicit, or unspoken message, is: “Whatever gave you the idea that you are motivated enough?.”

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3 Methods to Stop Procrastination

Don’t you want to get things done? We all have goals we want to accomplish and chores that we need to accomplish. But it can be pretty hard to get to work when we don’t get motivated very easily.

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That begs the question, how to overcome procrastination. One strategy for doing this would be to learn different motivational methods which can give you energy to do things. So, what things can you do to get motivated?