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Manage Your Stress With These Three Effective Tips

Manage Your Stress: Stress can become Disease
can become Disease (Photo credit: Mrityunjaya Yoga Studio)

It’s important to your health for you to be able to manage all of the stress you cannot avoid these days. Stress doesn’t have to be a normal part of your life if you have the techniques for managing it effectively. No matter what the circumstances, the tips below can help you take control of your life back and get your stress under control.

Get Organized

Get your life organized and reduce stress with the simple strategy of reducing clutter. Clutter is often not something we consider as an influence in our state of minds. Often times we feel out of control when surrounded by random items or stacks of paperwork which inhibits our ability to find things. If you are disorganized it can take extra time to find things you need. The fact is this applies to many areas of your life including your computer, if you aren’t organized it can take a long time to locate files or projects you need. Items you don’t need can include clothing, paperwork and computer files which you need to get rid of on a regular basis. It’s easier to find your belongings when you need them if they are well organized to begin with. Doing this can have a surprisingly positive impact on various areas of your life including your stress levels and that overall feeling of spinning out of control.


Don’t forget to breath, it’s essential for healthy living as well as healthy stress reduction. That is the reason many tout deep breathing for its healing powers of stress management. You may feel somewhat out of control if you are using a technique of shallow breathing which is responsible for depriving the body of oxygen. You can count on deep breathing to reduce stress and make you feel much more energized and positive about the outlook of your life.

Use Herbs & Oils

Herbs and essential oils are also known for their stress reducing abilities. You can use many of these herbs in forms of teas and pill forms and many offer calming effects like peppermint and chamomile. Reduce your heart rate with the use of Hawthorne berries which you will find in many varieties. You can also try essential oils for effective calming effects. You may find essential oils in forms of bath oils, ceramic burners and diffusers to get the scent moving throughout your home or office.

Take the necessary steps to get your stress under control so that you can enjoy a happier, healthier existence.

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